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Commercial Advantage

In-water hull cleaning

Economic Benefits

The Envirocart™ is a fully mobile system that can be packed into two standard 20 ft shipping containers and easily be transported to remote locations such as offshore platforms and oil rigs, or mobilsed to anchored ships and dive support vessels.

It can easily be transported to remote locations such as offshore platforms, oil rigs, anchored ships and dive support vessels, eliminating the need to dry dock.

With Envirocart, a ships hull can be cleaned in-situ, eliminating the need to dry dock, while the ship is on location, waiting to port or cargo is being unloaded.

No fuel is wasted driving to a dry dock location and no time is wasted, meaning ships no longer need to be removed from service simply to get a hull cleaned.

Improved efficiency = significant fuel savings.

The build up of biofouling on a ships hull increases drag, which in turn causes the ship to burn more fuel. Studies have shown that the build up of biofouling after just one year causes a 15% increase in fuel costs. After five years build up, the fuel costs rise by as much as 40%. Additionally, a clean hull rewards operators with faster steaming times, resulting in decreased labour costs.

In the past, companies needed to weigh up the positives of a regular hull clean with the negatives of having a ship out of service for considerable lengths of time.

The convenience and speed of Envirocart means that is no longer an issue.

Commercial Advantage, Table 1
The longer a ship goes without having a hull clean, the greater the fuel consumption.

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