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The Envirocart:
In-Water Hull Cleaning Solution

The Envirocart

An Award-Winning World-First In-Water Hull Cleaning System

CleanSubsea is a Western Australian-based company that owns all licenses and patents associated with a revolutionary new, fully-enclosed complete capture, containment and filtration hull cleaning technology called the Envirocart™ System.

The Envirocart™ System enables the complete in-water removal, capture, containment and filtration of marine biofouling from a vessel’s hull without damaging the antifouling paint or polluting the surrounding marine environment. The Envirocart™ System has been used to successfully clean numerous vessels in Australia.

The Envirocart™ System is revolutionising the international hull cleaning industry as we know it today.

The Envirocart™ System is the only in-water hull cleaning technology on the global market that is capable of meeting the current water discharge quality guidelines and the new Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) In-water Hull Cleaning guidelines.

Envirocart, CleanSubSea
Envirocart, CleanSubSea
Envirocart, CleanSubSea
Envirocart, CleanSubSea

The Envirocart™: An Award-Winning
In-Water Hull Cleaning Solution

This innovative technology tested and supported by the required regulatory certifications in hand, removes the very costly and time-consuming exercise of dry-docking commercial vessels for hull cleaning. This in turn enables a viable, regular, in-water cleaning maintenance protocol that significantly reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions, in the maritime sector.

Envirocart™ In-Water Hull Cleaning activity has received Operational Planning Approval from the Fremantle Port Authority and is registered with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, while the company also works closely with the Department of Fisheries.

CleanSubSea’s Envirocart™ has completed a number of commercial cleans, through its Licensed Operator and is working through its final optimisation process as it prepares to manufacture further units to establish operations in other locations. The Envirocart™ is set to revolutionise the international hull cleaning industry as we know it today.


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With our specialised and fully in-house developed technology, our Licenced Operator can provide environmentally friendly underwater hull cleaning, inspection and propeller polishing services—compliant with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Marine Environment Protection Committee’s (MEPC) Guidelines—for biofouling control and management.

Increasing regulations from IMO, port authorities and government environmental agencies require proper documentation and retention of vessels’ biofouling management where non-compliance may come with hefty fines for the owner. We, therefore, assist the vessel with their biofouling management record book and provide certification for inspection findings and remedial actions which comply with regulations and ensure compliance during port state control inspections.

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